Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blurryface and Vessel

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Image result for vessel meaning twenty one pilotsThe two albums made by Twenty one Pilots, Blurryface and Vessel, aren't your everyday albums. Both represent different aspects of the lead singer, Tyler Joseph, and what goes on in he mind. Vessel is a great work of art because it represents his depressing thoughts and I can relate to him. I can relate because I do have depressing thought occasionally and I try to express it by talking to people. Tyler expresses it through his music and tells his thoughts to his fans. Blurryface represents his alter ego or dark side of him. It's great because everyone has an alter ego inside of them. They may not express it but they hide within them. I find it amazing that he's able to write these songs and so many people can relate to his songs. Which album do you relate to more?

The Meaning of Blurryface

Image result for burryfaceWhat is "Blurryface"? Some say it's just a blurred face. Others say it's a made up thing. The phrase "Blurryface" comes from an alternative rock band called Twenty One Pilots. It was created from the lead singer, Tyler Joseph. It exemplifies the different side of his ego. It is described as an intangible character living inside of Tyler. It represents the negative traits within him like sad, angry, evil, or deceptive. After hearing about this, can you relate to Tyler? Do you have a 'blurryface" within you? Do you let it control you do you control it?